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Shatayu Ayurveda functions as an Ayurvedic awareness and treatment centre that focuses on the promotive, preventive and curative aspect of Ayurvedic treatment. Shatayu Ayurveda clinic is dedicated to helping people experience a deeper level of rejuvenation well being and holistic treatment.

At Shatayu Ayurveda we offer specific recommendations to each individual on lifestyle, diet exercise, yoga, and herbal therapy.

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Marma Chikitsa (Marma Therapy)

Marma Chikitsa is an important aspect of Ayurvedic treatment where the application of pressure on these Marma points induces the flow of vital energy (prana) along with a complex system of subtle channels called (nadis). Based on the knowledge enumerated in Dhanurveda ( dealing with knowledge of bow and arrow fights), 107 therapeutic Marma points are recognized by Ayurveda. The injury to some of these lethal Marma points can lead to instant death. Massage is widely applied in the treatment of Marmas.

Diseases Curable & Manageable By Marma Chikitsa:-

Paralysis, Sciatic pain, Migraine, Tremors, Diabetic neuropathy, etc.

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Nasya Chikitsa

Nasya Chikitsa is one of the major therapies of Panchakarmas. During this therapy, the herbal oils and medicines are placed in the nostrils. Chikitsa provides solution to a number of complications easily.

Nasya Chikitsa

Basti (Vasti) Chikitsa

Basti Chikitsa is an integral part of the Panchkarma therapies and is believed to remove all the issues that are caused by the Vata dosha in the body. This is one of the five pradhana karma of panchakarma.

Basti Chikitsa

Siro Dhara Therapy

A popular Ayurvedic therapy designed for problems related to the nervous system, insomnia, various headaches and mental stress. The treatment involves pouring (using a unique method).

Siro Dhara Therapy

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This place along with the Doctors involved themselves have created a positive aura that allows the patient to get a physical as well as a mental health benefit. Besides, they let you know the whole procedure.

Vinita Pandey

It was very nice experience with shatayu Ayurveda. I took sessions of shirodhara and it worked very well for my insomnia. The doctors were very experienced and polite. If in town u must visit there for a rejuvenating experience..

Anita Kohli
One of the best ayurveda clinic in rishikesh uttarakhand india….where you will get an awesome experience about the herbal ayurvedic remedies…..thanks shatayu ayurveda team.
Jay Raghuvanshi